Hair Extensions:

     Hair extensions are for everyone! I feel that the Hairlocs brand gives me many different options for every hair type. The most common question is how much it will cost. Along with the great quality of the hair, it is also very affordable. Pricing will be discussed more in detail with a consultation. 

    What they can do for you:

  • create thicker, fuller hair
  • add color
  • add fashion colors without fast fading
  • dramatic ponytails
  • length

Starting at $165

Full Service Hair Stylist




It's a 10

American Crew

Morocaan Oil

(Upon request)

Redkin Haircolor

Hair Salon Owner Principal

Katie Lynn Frost

765-730-9633 Text or Call

Salon Phone: 


I have worked as a booth rent hair stylist in Westfield for 8 years. It is such a wonderful community, and I am looking forward to having a small business among the rest of the up and coming businesses.

     Hours of operation can vary

Mon:                                       4pm - 8pm

Tues -Thurs:                          11am - 8pm

Fri:                                          8am - 4pm

Sat                                                ----